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Other People's old phones
Dropped my [cell]phone in Lemonade so borrowed a woman at work's ye olde Nokia one until mine got replaced. Bored on the bus home, flicking through the message folders. On the old Nokias you could save messages in any folder. As i browsed through the Templates ('i will be home at' etc. etc.), i found this. This happened last week and i've shown a lot of people.

'Just woke up and cant sleep and thought about slowly pulling down my knickers, kissing my nipples and then brushing your lips over my fanny, pushing my legs apart so you can lick and tease me until im begging you to fuck me. But im going to slide my hands down front of your jeans to feel how hard you a*some text missing*'

Wonder what the some text missing might've been.
(Tue 6th Feb 2007, 16:14, More)