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*25 26 27 28
*Not on here as much as she'd like due to recent baby-producing exploits.
*No good at making pics, so mostly says nice things about other folks'.
*Doesn't like all this FAIL business.
*Is very easily entertained and is, therefore, rather generous with her WOO, YAY, HOUPLAs.
*Is absolutely terrified of War of the Worlds. No joke.
*Makes interesting things out of foodstuffs, mostly for fun and larks, occasionally for lunch
*Has never seen an episode of Doctor Who or Star Trek, and only likes Star Wars the "usual" amount
*Is not actually a bucket.

I have scientifically-green fingers:

Like peace, raccoons deserve a chance:

Riverghost anananagrammed me:

And the very lovely fannycradock drew me this:

Bilbobarneybobs heard me roar:

AND he animated my lunchy:

And then Barbarossa went one better, with silly results:


And here is a very silly thread about cricket.

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Tomato, Double Gloucester, blackberries and mozzarella :)

Nyom nyom nyom :D
(Fri 21st Nov 2008, 14:37, More)

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» Childhood Ambitions

When I was little
I wanted to work for Greenpeace. Then I found out they didn't pay and were in fact a bunch of unwashed, hairy twats.
(Fri 30th Mar 2007, 16:45, More)

» Nativity Plays

My first year at Primary school, I got to play the Lead Angel in the Nativity.
I clearly made some sort of impression, as the following year I was cast as the donkey.

Oh, how the mighty fall.
(Fri 27th Mar 2009, 12:25, More)