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Snooping can do good!
I was having massive issues with my bitch of a flat mate- lets call her Hovak- and took to writing down my more coherent points to be used in the next inevitable argument. I also kept a calendar marking when my boyfriend stayed over, making sure it was no more that 3 times in a week- also noting when her bf stayed, so as to have more ammunition when she next accused him of moving in. She also suggested he pay some of the water bill for taking the occasional shower and said that our other flatmate was afraid he was stealing from them. Luckily, said notes were never found…

Anyway, I went to her room one day to return a stereo of hers and found a letter in draft stage to myself detailing how said bf was simultaneously "strutting around like he owned the place" and "skulking about and hiding in (my) bedroom)", how I had lied to her on numerous occasions (about bf not having a place to live, which was not true again!), didn’t ever clean up ever (completely untrue, she was OCD and couldn’t leave a cushion on the couch in the wrong position and used to wash my glasses as soon as I put them down) etc etc usual bullshit. I don’t feel bad because hey, it was addressed to me! After reading this I became so incensed with her stupidity and her incredibly self involved, skewed version of the world that I wrote her a letter subtly addressing all her ridiculous points in a concise and veritably unanswerable form, to which she could not and did not reply. HA I WIN!

There are so many more tragic stories from this girl, so I suggest a new topic of “Horrible Housemates” or something of the like…

Apologies for length, and slightly off topic but she just gets me so mad!
(Tue 6th Feb 2007, 13:02, More)