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A skilled master
in the black arts
of cartoonology,
my website is

please have a look.

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The battle for survival continues...

When confroned with a hostile lifeform, the normally sedate anteater is forced to react.
(Fri 24th Jan 2003, 15:47, More)

Apart from the occasional flashback,

it never really effected his work.
(Tue 5th Nov 2002, 15:31, More)

"Hold still," said Lowri,

"and I'll sandpaper your nipples."
(Mon 4th Nov 2002, 16:41, More)

Buy one today!

Extended use may cause
headaches and dizzyness.

(Wed 30th Oct 2002, 11:15, More)

Their relationship

never progressed
beyond the purely physical.
(Tue 22nd Oct 2002, 10:50, More)

Scientists discover

a deadly new virus.
(Tue 15th Oct 2002, 15:16, More)

How they really

became extinct.
(Fri 11th Oct 2002, 12:41, More)

Not all of Leonardo's inventions

were a great success.
(Tue 8th Oct 2002, 12:59, More)

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