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Er, apparently I've got a degree so I'm supposed to be sorting my life out and getting a job in advertising or something, but I've just bought a PC and my boss gave me a copy of Photoshop, which I've used once or twice in the past, so it looks like I'll be wasting a lot of time on this stupid site trying to make people as sad and unmotivated as I am laugh, which is hardly a means to either spiritual or economic fulfillment - so consider it an enormous act of charity, engaging in your pointless semantic quibbles and appealing to your childish sense of humour by making cheap jabs at politicians, so you can further justify your getting up in the morning (or afternoon for that matter) with no intention of making any valuable contribution to society in any of its guises, merely trying to outdo one another with repetitive jokes and impotent social commentary in order to substitute the mental security that every functioning human being oh no I'm out of breath

Audrey Hepburn and me done a sex

Me on holiday in Sweden

Pro + DD + "er..." = Prodder

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