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» Best Graffiti Ever

Years ago at...
Canterbury Art College, on the bottom of a toilet door with about 4in clearence from the ground:
(Thu 3rd May 2007, 17:27, More)

» When were you last really scared?

Ghostwatch: The 1992 BBC1 Halloween haunted house spoof, except no-one told me it was a spoof:
- Sarah Green Locked in a basement with the mutilated ghost of a paedophile.
- Dog foetuses "strewn all over the playground."
- The voice that they all put on when possessed.
- The screaming cats.
- Mike Smith.
- "Pipes"
The crap acting just made it worse. I still can't watch it without remembering my dad, convulsing in fits of laughter as his 12yr old son wept silently and repeated, "turn it off. Please. Please turn it off." until I gave up and just stared blankly at the TV realising I'd never feel quite the same ever again.
(Mon 26th Feb 2007, 10:02, More)