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Trying to move to Cornwall , so anyone with a house to let, let me know !!

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» Dumb things you've done

Once when my youngest was still in junior school, i was walking down the playground after visiting the school for some mundane reason . As i approached the gate and ambled towards the direction of the car with which my hubby was waiting in i noticed a huge white painted sign on the playground floor just before the gates.
The upper right of the letter T was missing but i stood for a while looking at the white painted sign musing that the school must have upped their campaign to add to school funds by servicing cars.
Then my musing wondered to whether they were invloving the children into the scheme as a motorworkshop lesson.
Then my confusion magnified when it dawned on me that the school was being very irresponsible by offering to MOT parents cars in an enviroment where lots of small children were in harms way, after all with MOTs come big scary tools that can injure a small child not to mention the cars coming in and out of school during the day.
So as i stood there mulling it all over i decided that after all, this was not such an ingenious plan to swell the school coffers but more a very silly and ill thought out plan and it was my duty to complain to the school about its irresponsibility towards its young charges placing them in such danger just for a bit more money to buy sports equipment, i mean whats wrong with saving Tesco stamps!?
So i walked out of the school playground to tell my hubby the shocking discovery.
As i approached our car i took one more look back at the white painted sign with the slightly deformed T in MOTS.
Seeing upside down to my previous viewpoint.
Then it hit me.
The school wasnt doing MOTS i was looking at it upside down it simply said,- SLOW, and i was very!
(Sun 23rd Dec 2007, 0:49, More)

» Work Experience

animal lover?
Well i was the kind of kid at school who was always trying to make the others laugh and wind up the teachers.
Such exploits as getting a girl to pass out then covering her in red paint to make a woodwork teacher think we had killed her. then after he had rushed out reviving her and sitting at our desks insisting that nothing had happened when he returned with the head of woodwork and taking the school out on strike come to mind.
So maybe it was niave of me to think the head master would give me the work experiance i had asked for.
Well in a way the bar stud did and in a way he cracked a joke far far funnier then any i had made.
I asked for a placemement working with animals.
So in assembly one morning the headmaster calls my name with all the others going on work experiance and with more relish than i frankly think was needed announced. "Well Samantha i have managed to get you a placement working with animals just like you asked me to"
Oh how my little face lit up.
"Its at Barratts and Bairds"
This my friends was the areas SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!
his excuse?
"Well you didnt say they had to be LIVE animals?"
So fast forward to me in a stinky blood covered overall packaging dead cows and sheeps and piggies!
Got the barstud back by locking him in a cupboard lol!
(Sun 13th May 2007, 1:20, More)