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» And that's the thanks I got

American Airlines
I was very nice to the people at American Airlines by paying them a couple of hundred pounds to fly me from London to New York. They repay me by losing my bag and telling me they don't pay compensation as it's "not their policy".

I am now very nice to myself by not flying with them anymore. That'll teach me not to fly Virgin as AA were £10 cheaper.

Length? It was around two foot long, leather effect with a grey handle.
(Mon 28th May 2007, 18:08, More)

» Ignorance

I used to think Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond
But now I realise it was Timothy Dalton.
(Mon 8th Feb 2016, 21:46, More)

» Shoplifting

I say 'Deal'
Last week, I was enjoying a pint in my local with my mate and decide to spice up the evening with a go on the Deal or No Deal game on the itbox. In the middle of the game (I was doing rather poorly, may I add) the machine suddenly decides to pay out £50 in pound coins. "Why's it done this?" I think, closely followed by "who cares?" as I shovel the mound of coins into my pocket and my mate and I are away into the night before anyone asks questions. Technically it wasn't mine, I didn't win it, I just happened to be the closest to the machine at the time.

Never again shall I stick two fingers up to Mr. Edmonds as he's robbed me of 50p.
(Mon 14th Jan 2008, 1:19, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

Starbucks political statement
A guy from work bought me a Starbucks', and had coloured in the S, T, A, R, S, C, E and E of the 'STARBUCKS COFFEE' label, leaving 'BUCK OFF'. I'm sure you can figure out how he changed the B. Still, the coffee was free and tasted normal.
(Mon 7th May 2007, 23:27, More)