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» Festivals

EXIT Festival
It's outside Novi Sad in Serbia. My black friend was the main attraction, all the locals wanted a picture with him, like he was a beefeater.
(Tue 9th Jun 2009, 16:18, More)

» I'm your biggest Fan

Mark Kermode
Me and my friend used to have a movie podcast. This was back in early 2005. We both listened to Mark Kermode's Film Reviews with Simon Mayo, really into Kermode, before it became a self-referencing whirly-gig of back-slapping Sony Awards.

Kermode did a dissertation at Manchester University so being work shy dick heads we went into town to find it. We found it, and then sort of held it for a bit like a Bible, then took some pictures of us holding it with Dan's Treo.

Feeling like this should be a more hallowed experience, we began photocopying it before massive boredom/penury kicked in.

I now have 35 pages of the introduction on "The radical, ethical and political implications of modern British and American horror fiction". What a stupid thing to have.

It's a loud of i'm brilliant bollocks about how hard it was to write and how he wants to thank his wife. The last person to look at it was four years earlier.
(Fri 17th Apr 2009, 17:27, More)

» Bullies

Freed From Desire By Ghana
I accidentally thought that 'Freed From Desire' was by Ghana not Gala, some kid from Ghana beat the crap out of me, fair's fair it was a terrible smear.
(Wed 13th May 2009, 16:44, More)