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I used to be someone here, for a time.

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blimey, it's been a while

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(Fri 4th Jun 2004, 1:42, More)

Oh, I say!

Haven't done a picture in *ages*
(Sat 1st May 2004, 15:16, More)

Reverend Dan sees all

as does Disco Pete the Cute Furry Bollock
(Sat 13th Sep 2003, 2:57, More)

Oh Elvis, really....

(Sat 21st Jun 2003, 16:33, More)


(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 19:36, More)

Apparently they're endangered now.

(Sat 14th Jun 2003, 0:11, More)

(Tue 6th May 2003, 12:05, More)

(Sun 20th Apr 2003, 16:09, More)

Uncle Bertie always made sure it was a party to remember....

(Fri 24th Jan 2003, 0:12, More)

(Mon 20th Jan 2003, 2:37, More)

Not sinister, but there's definiteley something going on...

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(Mon 30th Dec 2002, 1:16, More)


(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 23:45, More)

Hummus at all-time low

resolution at all-time high
edit: now pedant-proof
(Sun 6th Oct 2002, 23:25, More)

The previous day's events had left Elvis a broken man...

just knocked out a website to hold
the old episodes. saves me typing them in
here every time.

(Mon 16th Sep 2002, 21:05, More)

Oh no! I told you not to leave him alone!

A little hummus can be a dangerous thing...

for those of you who missed the earlier episodes, click for noo window:
part 1
part 2
part 3

(Sun 15th Sep 2002, 22:25, More)


(Wed 11th Sep 2002, 22:49, More)


mcclirick for bigger
(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 11:46, More)

Cif Lemmings
oh no!
(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 13:00, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Long ago when I worked in an Off License
a group of old acquaintances came in, a group of people i hadn't seen for 3 or 4 years.

one girl was looking very obviously and heavily pregnant, so using it as a conversation-starter i congratulated her loudly on her bump and asked when it was due.

turns out she'd just got very, very fat since i'd last seen her. To say that the next few minutes while her friends chose wine were uncomfortable would be understating it rather...
(Tue 20th Apr 2004, 22:40, More)

» Dad Jokes

What I said yesterday
about my Dad actually being quite funny wasn't at all true.

In the evening he dropped me off at the station, then pretended to drive off with all my gear still in the boot. Hilarious.
(Thu 11th Dec 2003, 17:11, More)

» Dad Jokes

Not my Dad,
suprisingly enough he actually is quite funny, but an old friend of mine's Dad fancied himself as a bit of a joker.

Sample phone conversation:

Me: "Ki there, is Karen around?"
Him: "No, she's more of an oblong shape..."

*awkward silence, cue tumbleweed and a single bell tolling*

Me: "Just go and get her will you?"
Him: "OK"
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 15:49, More)