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» Blood

Whiskey gone wrong
The people who know me have started enforcing a whiskey ban for me after I spent a couple weeks in Massachusetts.

A few years ago, my somewhat boyperson and I went to Boston for a music festival. Our hotel room was right next door to a shopping plaza with a liquor store and I made it a goal to spend about 12 hours consuming nothing but whiskey. We went to dinner that night with some locals and one of the guys kept buying me shots.

The next thing I know I'm regaining consciousness while everyone is scrambling around me because I'm puking all over myself and the floor. I get to the bathroom and I guess I ran out of vomit because blood starts coming out of my mouth. At that point I become hysterical and start crying.

The locals want to call an ambulance, but the boyperson says I'll be okay and I just need to sleep it off. So one of the guys lends me a t-shirt and gives me a washcloth to hold to my mouth just in case and then he drives us back to our hotel. En route I have another blood purge and it gets all over my shirt and face. At that point I start crying again.

Our hotel locks the front doors after midnight, so we had to buzz the security guard to let us in. I can only imagine what he thought when he got there and saw a hysterical girl, covered in blood being supported by two men. Boyperson tells him not to even ask and just let us get to our room.

They get me up to our room and realize the door keys have been demagnetized. Rather than escort me back to the lobby, they leave me laying outside the door. I can only imagine that someone heard me crying and opened their door to see someone laying in the hall, bloody and crying. Horrifying.

The next day I had to surrender the rest of my alcohol and was made to promise I would never drink whiskey again.

(The music festival was Brainwaves, hosted by brainwashed.com for the ten year anniversary. The local who let us hang out at his house was the founder of the website - Jon Whitney. I spent the festival hanging out with the Dresden Dolls, Edward Ka-Spell, irr.(app).ex, Steven Stapleton and getting to view the first showing of the Threshold House Choir video and see the music video for Coil's Love's Secret Domain which was rumored not to exist and I repay the man by spewing rice, chicken and blood all over his home)
(Thu 14th Aug 2008, 2:58, More)