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hey, i'm freddy

i enjoy reading the works of shakespeare, the dictionary (collins) and the internet

lets be friends

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» Relief

I was relieved when I finally caught 'em all, so that I could retire my Poké-snatch.

(Fri 28th Dec 2012, 10:01, More)

» Dressing Up

If in doubt.
Black up.
(Thu 25th Oct 2012, 21:45, More)

» Inflated Self-Importance

Traffic wardens, ticket inspectors and monotheistic deities.

(Thu 24th Jan 2013, 21:06, More)

» Dumped

I dumped her body in the ocean.
Now she sleeps with the fishes, instead of my friends.
(Tue 8th Jan 2013, 2:16, More)

» Ignored Advice

A humourous reference to "Downfall", the 2004 biopic about the final days of Hitler.

(Fri 16th Nov 2012, 0:03, More)
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