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» Babysitters

Baby sitting
I never had a baby sitter when I was growing up. I have also never baby sat for anybody either.

I have no real contribution to make to this thread at all.
(Sat 30th Oct 2010, 8:08, More)

» Crappy relationships

My nightmare
A few years ago I moved to a new job. I didnt realise it at the time but the stress fueled events of the past 2 years had unkowingly to me started to take there toll on my mental well being.

I first met This girl Michelle on an internal training course and I thought she was a nice girl, not unattractive, slim, dark hair etc. She was also very bright and clever. Anyway we started a form of relationship which was really inappropriate because I was happily married and I was 10 years older than her. Over the next 4 months she went from a nice girl to showing me what she was really like. She was a manipulative, secretive, headworking, whore.

It turns out I had been sufering with depression for about 18 months and I couldnt understand why I even had these feelings for her. Getting involved with her almost ended my life, she pushed me into severe depression and I ended up on anti depressants for 18 months and almost being sectioned. She nearly ruined my marriage and for no reason other than to get an esteem boost by trying to get me to leave my wife.

I should mention at this point that "I never had sexual relations with that woman!" so technically I never really cheated on my wife. Something I am eternally grateful of. My wife who is brilliant and didnt deserve one second of what I had put her through stood by me and helped me get better. She also helped me see through my normally innocent and trusting eyes that there are a lot of cold emotionless calculating bitches out there who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

I was very lucky as I very nearly lost everything dear to me. Anyway not being one to let shame get in their way Michelle moved on with her life and set about traping her next victim. Mike her manager. Mike was in a stable 20 years plus relationship which he suddenly decided was no longer what he wanted after a works party ended with him giving Michelle a lift home where upon she kissed him good night rather inappropriately.

Poor Mike was in a spin, this girl was 15 years younger than him, what was he to do? Well He ended his relatinship with his partner and started a secret relationship with Michelle. Michelle is actually the one who wanted it kept secret (for the time being she said). Things went on and progresed to sleeping with each other. Then just after xmas after telling Mike she really liked him and wanted their relationship to work, she suddenly changed he mind the following week on the day Mikes bank were phoning him asking him if he wanted the 125K loan for a new house.

Mike was a litle upset at this as he felt he had been used and manipulated by Michelle. Unfortunately for Mike his relationship with Michelle was a poorly kept secret and it cost him his position as manager along with his reputation. Mike came to see me a week later as he suspected I had also been a victim of Michelle and we swopped stories and expeiriences about the wonderful girl. It was very enlightening.

The worst thing I learned was that apparently she had a dabble at her best friends husband too. What made it really bad is that her best friend also had breast cancer at the time.

Anyway alls well that ends well. Michelle left for another job. Well she thinks she left of her own accord but the reality is that she isnt the only one who can manipulate people or events and lets just say a succession of avenues and doors were closed off or locked to her. It is a little sad to take comfort about seing a woman cry because she didnt get the promotion she clearly thoght was in the bag for her only to see it go to somebody she was in charge of. Yes its a bit sad but very very rewarding all the same.
(Fri 22nd Oct 2010, 13:47, More)