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Ocean golf.

Weird day at work.

Flipper + Lassie = Flippsie.

Ohh, Baby.


Australian encounter.

Happy birthday.

DUMMY TEXT: The quick brown box jumps over the lazy log.

Cop error.

Manic in the streets of London.

The benefits of television.






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» Clients Are Stupid

It has happened to a friend - but he's my best friend and he a reliable source: While preparing the production of a brochure the client was presented with several samples of paper to decide which structure, weight etc. he preferred. On the phone one day, the client said to my friend, that he would like to see another paper sample to which my friend replied "Sure, I put it in an envelope and mail it to you." Replied the client: "Nah, that takes too long. Just put it on your fax machine and send it over." A long and uncomfortable silence ensued...
(Mon 29th Dec 2003, 14:51, More)

» Pet Names

My Elephant
When I was a boy my family moved to India. My father was working for a tea company and was transferred to Bombay to manage business there. I was very lonely and had no friends because I had a private teacher. My parents were overprotective, so I didn't get out much.
When my parents noticed my sadness they decided to give me a pet Elephant for my 7th birthday. It was a huge and beautiful animal, fully grown and already trained in one of the most famous Elephant schools of India. I immeadiately fell in love with my new grey companion. He was so sweet and fun to play with. He would lift me up into the air with his trunk and spray me with water when it was hot. Against the protest of my parents I let him sleep in my room, even in my bed. When it was Monsun time we frolicked around the house every day. Our favourite game was hide and seek. Needless to say that he lost every time. And that's how he got his name. I called my beloved Elephant Mr. Hidenotrunk.
(Thu 26th Feb 2004, 8:56, More)