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29yrs old.Irish, Fír. like some stuff. don't like other stuff. nuff said.

I wrote this limerick for you:

That silly old limerick by me
That didn't exactly rhyme
It didn't have the two lines in the middle
That silly old limerick by me...
That had one line too many.

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» Voyeurism

Voyeurism - what a laugh!!!!
Lets be honest here people....if we see a couple at it then of course we're gonna take a sneaky peek whether for the porpose of wank bank material or so you can just point and laugh at the "offenders".

My story is the latter.

While in the states on a J1 visa, (student working/holiday visa) there was about twenty of us living in an absolute shitbin of a house in Boston. It was fan-fuckin-tastic. Drunk every night, Parties galore, and easy easy Ladies for company - the Irish accent is a ladykiller is the states - anyway, one of the lads wasn't the most experienced, he's a really good guy but he's an ugly bastard. He pulled an absolute munter while on the lash one night, and he was delighted with himself. One thing led to another and they headed back to the house to get down to business before the rest of us got back.

We decided to give them some space ie. about 5mins and SAS stealth style we make our back, cameras at the ready......what a shower of cnuts we are.

When we got back we could hear that our buddy was very enthusiastic, grunting away to his hearts content. Never have I witnessed a faster moving arse.She on the other hand was trying to calm him down saying things like "deeper , not faster" and "oh your done".

That was our que, in we burst into the room to get the greatest photos ever taken.

8yrs later and he still doesn't think it was funny.
(Wed 17th Oct 2007, 16:40, More)

» Pet Peeves

You know what really grinds my gears......

I fuckin' hate work... and to make matters worse I didn't win the lotto last night.

Its not that my job is a bad one or that my colleagues are ass holes, because they're not. I just hate having to get up and go to work.....I also don't appreciate the fact that I have to do stuff when I'm there....

I do like getting paid though. Yeah pay-day today.

Oh and another thing Man. Utd. supporters really get on my tits!

That is all.
(Thu 8th May 2008, 11:23, More)

» Tales of the Unexplained

I'm not a believer in ghosts, poltergeiests, The Banshee, Santa, Jesus etc. but this tail surrounding my mothers family, they all swear it is true.

My grandmother grew up in an old farm house which my cousins still live in today. Nearby lay an old graveyard that wasn't really in use. It was due to be built on, so my mothers family went to rescue their deceased family members headstones.

Now, they had quite a few headstones (Good Ould Catholic Ireland in them days, ie. lots of family members) and they didn't know what to do with them. So they decided to lay them as Kitchen Tiles....I shit you not!

I can actually remember reading them as I sat at the kitchen table as a kid.

Around about this time strange things started to happen around the farm. A man was seen walking the perimeter of the house. He would walk the same path almost nightly.He never said or did anything to anyone but it was creeping them out a bit, so as all good catholics do they had a mass said in the house and he was never seen again ( isn't God fantastic !)

Another day my mother and her sister (they were very young at the time)were playing in the yard. When the time came for them to go home they couldn't. There was a wall around the yard where there never was and to this day never has been a wall. She says she can still remember her sister crying as they looked for a way out, eventually they managing to crawl out through a gap in the corner of the yard.

"What a load of cock!" I declared when my mother told me this but she swears it happened, as does my aunt.

There are many storys about the strange goings on in "Skellig House". There is even a couple of chapters about the place in a book called - "Famous Irish Ghosts".Back in the day a reporter from the big smoke stayed there and reported being "thrown from his bed in the middle of the night" and "the bed was thrown across the room".

My mother reckons the spirits liked company because when the house was empty, things would be moved or broken, noises would be heard from the house even though nobody was home. But when the the house was occupied nothing too strange really happened.

As I said I don't believe any of this, I'm a peaceful atheist, but I have to admit that whenever I visit "Skellig House" there is a weird vibe to the place and I can feel my heart beat in my asshole.
(Fri 4th Jul 2008, 11:45, More)

» Personal Ads

b3ta personals have to happen - could be a bit of fun. As a long time lurker I feel like a bit of a pervert checking ya'll out on Hot or Not. Please to report your not as ugly as I imagined. Some of ye are even good looking. Others are not.... I on the other hand have the body of a God - Buddha!
(Mon 17th Sep 2007, 15:06, More)

» Too much information

Rock out with your cock out
My buddy reckoned that his cock was too big for his foreskin so he went and got a circumcision. This guy is the worlds worst patient, a real pain in the ass when ever anything is wrong with him, (if he has a cold - he's dying with the flu, if he's hung over - he's got alchohol poisoning)everyone knows one like this. Anyhoo, so he goes ahead (hee hee) with the procedure(you'd swear it was fuckin heart surgery by the way he was blathering on about it) and when he was at home recovering i called in to see him and take the piss out of his misery for a while. Who needs enemys when you have friends like me. I enguired if his knob was in any way mutilated to which he replied, " my bell end looks like brains!". Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see for myself - and it did. Not nice. He has photo of it on his phone, but he won't let me post it on here.
(Wed 12th Sep 2007, 16:02, More)
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