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» Pointless Experiments

I can't remember why but not drinking anything for three days seemed like a good idea.

The experiment ended on the third day when I found myself sitting on a lawn giggling at grass.
(Sat 26th Jul 2008, 7:03, More)

» Lucky Escapes

explosions on the sea
One of the joys of the oil and gas industry is working with flammable liquids and gases, the improper handling of can cause major disasters, e.g. Piper alpha which some reckon to have begun with a 30kg gas-leak. We dumped 20 odd tonnes...
(Mon 8th Jul 2013, 17:56, More)


Dangerous Lagos
I spent three months in and out of Lagos, had a wonderful time there. Trouble? Not really, apart from my English friend getting beaten up by... another English guy in the pub.
(Fri 15th Mar 2013, 19:40, More)

» Overheard secrets

odd one liners
Out of context?

"I think brown is a very masculine colour"
"But the light can be very white"
"One big textile very nice and some plates, very nice"
"And it kept raining in the rainforest"
"It's a different sun, there's an ozone layer"
"I've been promised promotion for the last five years."
(Fri 26th Aug 2011, 17:21, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

birds and the bees
or maybe tbe wasps?

I'd always assumed that the difference between a bee and a wasp was pretty obvious, but listening to two old (i.e. 60+, I'm not that old) gents on the beach wondering which was which made me wonder 1) how could they not know and 2) what did others assume that I should know?

I still have no answer to question 2, but I'd be happy to know.
(Fri 19th Mar 2010, 23:10, More)
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