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I have wanderlust and I am the kind of person who genuinely believes they should be able to get caffeine on prescription and an Internet connection implanted in their brain.

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» Housemates from hell

I'm living in university accomodation.
There is a guy with a megaphone who yells words like "MINGE!" into the courtyard, which echoes something rotten, in the early hours of the morning.

Also, we have a food thief. Even adding laxatives to my food hasn't stopped them.

This is probably just normal university life, though. I'm woefully inexperienced in the real world, having lived sheltered by my parents for the first 19 years of it.
(Thu 5th Apr 2007, 19:43, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

"O, intelligent graffiti, where art thou?"
...on the wall of my student union toilets.

Also, the philosophical debate which started "Don't do drugs, try John 3:16 instead", continued "same difference; religion is the people's opium" and followed on quite intellectually until someone added "You're all Marxist bastards" and it turned into a flame war before eventually getting painted over.
(Fri 4th May 2007, 2:35, More)

» Childhood Ambitions

I wanted to be a teacher.
Then I went to school and realised what arseholes kids can be.

Now, I want to teach 16+ kids. At least they sort of /want/ to be there, then. (If they don't, why the hell are they? It's their bloody choice after that!)
(Tue 3rd Apr 2007, 23:38, More)