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Likes: Music that makes me shiver, walking in the rain, films that make you cry, the Craner Curves on the limits of adhesion, a good pint of guiness, faraway lands and lurking :-)

Dislikes: ignorance, lack of honour, the fact that the good guys dont always win in real life, and marmite.

I made this for Dr Phil and i am both very proud, and had enourmous fun making it:

And this got second prize in the "How the world will end" competition, thus proving Fnords law.

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Inspired by the jazz kebab shop in Camden
and the company of b3tans :)

(Tue 18th Feb 2003, 0:00, More)

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» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Ten years! Blimey.
9 years and 18 days since i registered, and i know i lurked for a month or so before that. I cant remember how i found it - an image posted on another forum i guess. I quickly got addicted - and in those days you could read the whole board after getting home from work - learned some very rudimentary photoshop, got a bit drunk and dived in. Soon learned i liked the getting drunk more than trying to coax my pitiful talent, so stuck to the social side. Met some smashing people (who i still count as friends to this day, although we dont see each other very much), and some complete wierdos.
Many laughs, many heated debates, and many many hangovers - its been a blast.

Edit: Favourite memories - Ijon Tichy in a roman centurians outfit, Hillstomp playing a gig at 200%'s flat, the corridor bash, Fnord's fabulous m3tatween project, Freshlegs nearly buying a submarine, and many many hours giggling inanely whilst making a rubbish photoshop.

Edit Edit: And Stouffer's FOUR POUNDS.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 19:43, More)