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» Work Experience

Never work for your parents...
I was 15 and impressionable. When asked to go and pick where to go for work experience i thought it would be glamourous to go and work in London with my dad's rather small accountancy practice. So 3 weeks of work ahead of me i thought i'd be doing general secretarial work. Oh how i was wrong.

I was put at the desk of the son of my dad's boss. Within an hour of being there i was entrusted with the secret that the said son smoked and had got his girlfriend pregnant while sleeping with his dad's PA as well.

The only work they could give me was to put together a database of all clients. Being the computer wizz i was, i completed in in the first day and then spent the remaining 2 and a bit weeks playing on the internet and just going out shopping.

On a rare time i was in the office the son came in and spent the entire day trying to stare down my top, even going as far as giving me his number at the end of the day and trying to get me to sleep with him.

He made the mistake of inviting me to the office summer party where i got rather drunk and just blurted out all his secrets to the entire company. Safe to say my dad doesn't work there anymore, the son has married his girlfriend and the PA is still his bit on the side...
(Sat 12th May 2007, 17:59, More)