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» The worst sex I ever had

Vomitting Lapdancer
I was once lucky enough to pull a lapdancer. She was really really pissed when she arrived at mine, but we duly started romping on the bed. Just getting down to business and she suddenly projectile vomitted all over the bed, floor and walls, and collapsed unconscious. So I cleaned the disgusting mess up (no way to talk about a woman but...) and fell asllep. At about 4am, I poked her awake and we did the deed. I woke in the moring to find she had come on in the night and had bled all over the bed, me, mattress etc. So I politely asked her to "STOP EXUDING BODILY FLUIDS ALL OVER MY BLOODY BED WILL YA!!". Great tits though, so I came on them and kicked her out. :)
(Wed 20th Jun 2007, 12:17, More)