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Lynette (LadySphinx) is an English literature and psychology major with far too much free time on her hands and a propensity for referring to herself in the third person. It's just so pretentious. She lives in Birmingham, AL, USA, with her husband Grendel and an infinite number of cats--all black, not for any real reason save that her landlord can't tell how many cats Lynette owns if they're all the same colour. Occasionally she gets bored and fiddles with things until they either work or break. Her weblog is available for public reading, thus may you learn more vile and disgusting facts about her than you ever cared to know. No reason for the name. She just thinks sphinxes are nifty.

Really Lynette, but not entirely her breasts.

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(Tue 1st Oct 2002, 8:22, More)

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Marquee Signs + Vocabulary
Considering I just got sacked five hours ago, I may find this a lot more amusing than the prank truly merits: at seven this morning, the marquee sign outside my former place of employment once read "EXCELLENT DRY CLEANERS; CAR WASH DISCOUNT WITH GAS". Since about noon, it has read "HARDCORE ANAL SEX NIGHTLY". It is now eight o'clock CST and my husband just reported that the sign has not been changed. Night shift should have an interesting evening.
(Fri 23rd May 2008, 2:08, More)