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» I don't understand the attraction

Spanky Hanky
I really don't understand the attraction. I don't think he's at all funny.

Frankspencer is much better.

That is all.
(it would be funny if they were the same person, huh?)
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 3:59, More)

» B3TA Most Haunted

I love scary stuff...........
I’ve always loved a good ghost story. It’s a harmless genre and I love it dearly. As a kiddie, my favourite books were the spooky ones and I faithfully watched Night Stalker (the 1970s Darren McGavin one). We used to have séances at home around the kitchen table when I was a much younger Monkee girl (family night!) I’ve read every Stephen King book. I love scary ghosty/supernatural movies like Poltergeist, White Noise, The Manitou, The Entity etc. I love sitting on the couch in the dark and being scared shitless by ghosty stuff (and then waking up later that night and turning every light on, to create a safe passage to the loo). I don’t much like slasher films or programs like Ghost Whisperer or Paranormal Files or Most Haunted. I’m not a religious person but I do not begrudge a person their faith. (unless you are a fundamentalist/extremist/nutjob, then you can bugger right off and go and live on a deserted island somewhere and preach to the local wildlife).

When I saw what the QOTW was, I was like ‘goody, scary stuff, me likee’. But all I’m seeing is bullshit complaints about how they ‘don’t believe in that shit’ or ‘QOTW is shit’ etcetera, etcetera…….

The amount of vitriol that has spewed forth recently over the QOTW is disturbing. Are there that many angry people out there? Seriously, go and take a chill pill. If you don’t like what’s happening here, then piss off and leave the people who DO enjoy it alone. Just like the idiots who write into TV Guides and complain about television programs. Turn the bloody thing off! Go for a walk, read a book, make some sexytime with your significant other or failing that, yourself. I haven’t liked a few QOTWs but that doesn’t mean I’m going to berate the mods/contributors about it.
With all the negativity in the world at any given time, having a laugh, getting spooked or whatever, is very welcome. I enjoy it, but having to wade through the crap here gives me the irrits.

To keep on subject (for otherwise I will be told off most certainly) - yes, I have had a spiritual/paranormal experience. At the time I didn’t recognise it as such, as I wasn’t aware of what was happening, but when I was told that my Mother had died suddenly, then the happenings of the previous hour or so started to make sense. She had come back home to say goodbye. At a later time, that explanation sort of made it better (although I really do wish she hadn’t gone in the first place!). I don’t think she's hanging around or watching my every move, but it’s nice to think that sometimes when I hear a song or watch a movie she liked she's there with me. It’s called imagination and it gives me warm fuzzies. I’ve been with my father when he died of cancer, no bells or whistles, just a feeling of peace and love that seemed to encompass myself and my brothers and sisters who were all there too. Experienced UFOs as well. Not necessarily ET, but definitely UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS, and I wasn’t drunk or under the influence of MASSIVE DRUGS. No explanation, but makes for good story telling around the campfire. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Lighten up peoples, and remember, never ever fall asleep with your foot hanging over the edge of the bed, you never know when a cold dead hand is going to reach up and grab hold of it………………………

Oh, and I don’t feed trolls. You’re such messy little things. So don’t bother.
(Mon 17th Sep 2012, 7:56, More)

» Irrational Hatred

Just a couple
People who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. i.e.’ even though I was unlicensed, drunk and speeding when I killed my passenger, it’s their fault for letting me drive.’ wtf?
Or the old faithful ‘It’s not my fault, I was abused as a child’, and especially ‘the Govt don’t do enough for the unemployed’ – ok, it’s not enough you get paid for doing fuck all, free medical, rent assistance and huge piles of cash thrown at you if you happen to birth a sproglet or five. Try working for a living you freeloading arseholes. (not directed at people who are GENUINELY looking for work, of course).
People who take their small children out to shopping centres and get them to hand out religious pamphlets. Who says I can’t tell a small child to ‘fuck off’?
People talking loudly on mobile phones, in supermarkets. Wait until you get home to call your BFF and tell them about your day, I don't need to know.
Governments who sell off your countries resources to an Asian conglomerate and put shitloads of people out of work and create country ghost towns because of it.
Teenagers who think they’ve invented swearing, dancing, music, emo, vampires, really bad dress sense and driving dangerously (ooh err, you’re sooooooo cool in your hotted up wankmobile making big squealy noises) and not realising its all bindun before they were born. BY ME!!!!
Call centres in India. I’m sorry, I realise you live in a poverty stricken country and need a job, but so does the bloke down the road from me who has a mortgage and a family to support, and was pretty job secure until you came along.
I think squirrely squirrel and I would get along just fine…….
(Fri 1st Apr 2011, 4:17, More)

» Well, that taught 'em

Don't be a wanker
Many years ago when I was an embryo, we had a boozy party at friends house – guys, gals, alcyhole and two spare bedrooms for possible shagging/snogging. We had managed to acquire a young lady whom the occupant of said house fancied (one of the conditions of using his house for party). He proceeded to get seriously pissed and retired to one of the bedrooms for a bit of slap & tickle with young lady. Problem is he gets a bit obnoxious and over confident when he’s mashed. Young lady actually fancied another guy at party & guy fancied girl. As ‘occupant’ reappeared every 20 minutes to get another drink/report on his progress with young lady to all and sundry – other guy is getting seriously pissed off. So are we all. So we hatch plan. Next time he comes out we’ll get him to sit down and drink a strong coffee. He’s obviously too pissed to shag, so we’ll sober him up a bit – it’s for his own good…….right.
Big cup – quarter filled with black coffee – topped up with bourbon, scotch, southern comfort. We told him he had to skoll it and as it was really strong and sugary it would be best to hold his nose whilst doing it. Three gulps in, he’s querying strange taste. We tell him he’s too pissed and he’s imagining things. Finishes coffee. Stands up. Sits down again. Wanders off outside. Gone for 10 mins. Somebody goes outside. He’s passed out on back lawn. Leave him there. Other guy gets in room with young lady. General snogging happens. He dates her for two weeks – apparently she has a personal hygiene problem. Breaks off with her. We never see her again.
This happened over 25 years ago, and we still talk about it – ‘occupant’ friend still doesn’t believe he was that much of a wanker, and still can’t believe he actually drank so much and still survived. Lesson learned – he treated women with more respect and actually landed a lovely lady. Still drinks too much though, and becomes obnoxious – if he gets to that point we offer him a strong black coffee – he always refuses.
Funny that.
Yay, first post on this board.
I don’t have any length, just depth.
(Fri 27th Apr 2007, 3:13, More)

» B3TA Most Haunted

For Monster Munch.....
As indicated before, my mother died very suddenly. It was a coronary thrombosis (I think that was the technical term), basically a DVT went on a little journey from her leg to her heart. All in the matter of around 14 hours. Said ‘see ya later’ to her as I went off to work in the morning, never saw her again. She was admitted to hospital that day, but we were told not to panic, everything would be fine, under control etc etc…..
Unfortunately, things weren’t under control and they had to transfer her, in ambulance, to our major hospital (that deals with these things, funny she didn’t go there first! Questions were asked, but doctors know best apparently……) Whilst transferring, clot moves through heart, massive CPR given, no result, bye bye mum. (also spooky, she told us many years before that a psychic had said she would die a violent death – thanks for that Ms Psychic, something to live with until your UNTIMELY VIOLENT DEATH – but I can just imagine that it wouldn’t have been pleasant if she was in anyway aware.)
So, blissfully unaware this is happening, I am home, in bed, in my jammies, reading my book (possibly Stephen King) when one of our cats, who was my mother’s favourite cat, started up with some scary and mournful yowling. Not your normal ‘get out of my yard or I’ll beat you up’ yowling, but it freaked me out so I went to call her in but couldn’t find her, no amount of calling would bring her in. She stopped after a short time, but still wouldn’t come in.
Then the phone rang. It was the hospital. My dad answered it, said ‘alright then, I’ll be there soon’ and hung up. He then told me he had to go to the hospital, mum wasn’t well and they asked him to come in. He left, I freaked out, rang the boyfriend and got him to come down to keep me company. I had no idea what was going on, and the idea she could die was not even in my thoughts.
When he arrived he made us a cup of tea, and we were sitting in the kitchen and there was a cardboard box sitting away from us on a cupboard. Noises started to come from it like somebody was playing around with the top folds of the box, and with the sticky tape that seals it. This went on for a minute or so, and I thought there was a mouse or something in it. Boyfriend got up to look and as he approached, it stopped. He looked in there, nothing apart from the tops that had been folded in and the sticky. No mouse, nothing seen escaping from it, nothing.
I then rang the hospital (for I am impatient and I don’t like not knowing). They put me through to emergency, they put my dad on the phone, who told me that mum had died. (as nicely as he possibly could under the circumstances, poor guy, and she had actually died before they rang home so he went in to see his dead wife. Not nice).
So as I said before, it was much later after that I remembered the strange happenings and came to the conclusion that she had come back for a final goodbye. No hugs, no cold spots, no sheets with holes for eyes, just unexplained stuff. Makes me wonder though if there is that moment just after death when you become a free spirit and then…….who knows?
I like to think that there are different dimensions in time and space, and sometimes they meet/cross over. That would be cool. I’ve been watching too much Dr Who……
(Tue 18th Sep 2012, 0:48, More)
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