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remains profileless as yet - as well as clueless, charmless, harmless and gormless!

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If this hasn't bindun... ask yourself why?

(Sun 15th May 2011, 17:01, More)

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» PE Lessons

Why the welsh are twats
Our head of PE who was also deputy head was a jumped up welsh twat who like many of that nation thought that
a)rugby was somehow important and
b)he was a genius of the game.
In the late 5th year (year 11 to youngsters) during what was thankfully to be the last ever enforced trial by exercise, he lined everyone towards one end of the sports hall and then, taking a rugby ball took up position at the other end.
He then challenged us, saying that he would be able to get past us all (there were about 50 of us) with the ball.
3,2,1, GO.
10 seconds later he had disappeared under a pile of youths who were kicking and punching with all the fury of 5 years of pent up resentment of institutional bullying - he'd got about 5 metres before sweaty justice descended literally like a fist! Oh joy...seldom has such a twat been pounded by so many.
(Fri 20th Nov 2009, 20:40, More)