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The Mothers used to be an all female punk band, whose songs were all about life from the perspective of 30 something mothers. We thought it was cool and so did lots of other people, and we kept the band together for 6 years. You can still see lyrics and some lovely animations done by B3ta's own Eclectic at http://www.themothers.co.uk

But now the band is no more.... So now I am Them Others

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» Family Feuds

t-shirt trouble
My sister bought my 15 year old son a t-shirt for his birthday that said "Underachiever, Plain Lazy". I plan to send her 3 year old a birthday t-shirt that says "Spoilt Brat" and perhaps her husband one that says "boring, middle aged".
(Thu 12th Nov 2009, 12:33, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

Malteezers and Chicken
I was working in a secondary school the other day, trying to teach some 15/16 year olds to play Samba Reggae. They were having particular difficulty with the bossa nova clave. The students were getting frustrated, and went off on a tangent, telling me that their whole year group have been banned from saying the words "Malteezer" and "Chicken" - I later discovered that this was something to do with mixed race people - brown on the outside and white on the inside and vice versa... To my delight, I realised that these two words together fitted perfectly with the bossa nova a clave and got the whole group chanting Mal_ _tee_ _zer_ _ _chi_ _cken, thus enabling the group to learn to play in time. Huzzah!
(Sat 24th Nov 2007, 15:33, More)

» Terrible food

fish cakes with daffodils
my gran made some fish cakes, but mistook some daffodil bulbs for onions. Everyone was sick coz daffodils are poisonous.
(Sat 19th May 2007, 1:54, More)

» Too much information

Birthing placenta
My friend told me lots of things I didn't need to know about childbirth:
- after giving birth to the baby you have to give birth to the placenta. It is as big as the baby and just like birthing a huge peice of liver (and it tastes like liver too).
- breast milk tastes very sweet - much much sweeter than cows milk.
(Fri 7th Sep 2007, 19:10, More)

» PE Lessons

knicker check
I went to an all girls school. The PE teacher used to check our knickers to make sure that we were wearing the correct colour offical uniform navy blue big pants. Or that's what she told us.
(Tue 24th Nov 2009, 13:40, More)
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