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Much safer interface....
And educational too!

This should keep the world
safe for another 3 years...

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 8:20, More)

run away Crabby, RUN!

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 7:32, More)

Shirt #4: The "Tour Memorabilia"
Got me a season ticket to hell riding on this one... credit to the logo designers and original DQ finder.



(Sun 24th Mar 2002, 5:11, More)

Not mine...
but worthy of posting. I just slapped it on the shirt I'm afraid:

(Sat 23rd Mar 2002, 21:05, More)

Fries with that Luv?

(Fri 8th Feb 2002, 7:09, More)

Is he the CEO of this company?

(Tue 5th Feb 2002, 3:10, More)

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