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» I don't understand the attraction

Fanatical Anti - Fascists
Having randomly found myself near the recent demonstration of the English Defence League (EDL). I couldn't help notice that:

1) The EDL were a bunch of poorly educated, ignorant fools spouting their repulsive and simplistic philosophy and yet were vastly better behaved and more respectful than those opposing them, the

2) Anti Fascist League, who were violent, aggressive and incredibly abusive to everyone, including the police and members of the public.

Extremists in general; what a bunch of knobheads....
(Mon 19th Oct 2009, 18:20, More)

» Insults

Hockey Insults
Whilst playing hockey, should a player take an extremely heavy and dangerously over-extended swing, he is described as being "a bit agricultural".
(Wed 10th Oct 2007, 16:16, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

Club toilets in Glasgow university union. On the wall was a big Samaritans poster which read in large friendly letters "Something getting on top of you?" under which some genius had written "Your Dad".
(Tue 8th May 2007, 19:16, More)