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27, Copenhagen

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» Customers from Hell

Radio 4 said...
I worked in a bookshop once, and was busy minding my own business behind the till when a mid-60s woman (not elderly but definitely not doable) approached and stated...

"I was listening to Radio 4 last night...

(ooh how classy you are madame, I thought, way above my status as a mere bookmonger)

...and they were talking about a book. Do you have it? It was EVER so interesting but I don't know what it was called."

Says I:

"do you know the author?"

"No sorry - radio 4 last night"

"hmm,was it this? (producing the book at bedtime)

"Erm no, but it was on radio 4"

"How about this? (producing Radio 4's Book of the week)"

"No! It was on Radio 4"(slightly annoyed now)

"Okay" says I, and look for a company list of books 'in the media' that week, reading the list of books on the BBC radio stations, meanwhile my colleague looks at the bbc radio 4 site for a list - needless to say none are right...

She looks peeved "NO - it was on RADIO 4! Just put 'Radio 4' into the computer!"

Says I "Well, that won't help me find it"


"Err, well I can search by title, author, synopsis, publisher, imprint, publication date, format, size...but not what radio station it was on."

(sighs) "Well...it can't be a very good system then can it?!"

"OK....(smiling through the rising anger)..we don't know the title or author...what was it about?!"

(angry now) "Well I don't know!

Says I:

"Must have been a great book then." (smiling)

looking shocked, walks out mumbling "I don't have to listen to this..."

She obviously would rather have been listening to Radio 4.
(Thu 4th Sep 2008, 17:17, More)

» And that's the thanks I got

bloody kids
I went into an offy for some kids outside, got them 20 Marlborough and a bottle of Blue Nun.

What thanks did I get?

Their nursery assistant reporting me to the authorities! Pshaw...
(Tue 29th May 2007, 22:55, More)

» Siblings

Curtains for the wall
I only just told my parents that it was me that had pulled the curtains and curtain rail from the living room wall in 1987. I was 6, she was 4.
I was swinging on the curtains on a Sunday morning - why not?
When the rail pulled out two huge chunks out of the wall and spat plaster and curtain everywhere I immediately ran upstairs to the slumbering folks, and told them 'LOOK WHAT SHE'S DONE!'

(Tue 6th Jan 2009, 22:34, More)