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» Terrible Parenting

Mine Is Tamer...

Well, compared to many others there, it is almost funny...

When I was a kid, I loved farm gear; actually, I wanted to be a farmer. I had many of those wonderful toys made by Britains (GREAT toys! Loved 'em!).
I also have a younger brother, who is 9 years younger than me.
Everytime he got hold of my toys, they were broken, thrashed, destroyed (the same goes for books...).

I had this wonderful New Holland combine harvester and he wanted to play with it. Since Britains toys are relatively fragile, I didn't want him to play with it, out of safety...

My dad told me to lend it to my brother.
I refused.
He told me a ouple times more.
I kept on refusing.
Then he grabbed the combine harvester and violently smashed it to pieces onto the ground.
I cried for an hour.

Still to this day, I resent him for that.

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(Mon 20th Aug 2007, 19:25, More)

» How nerdy are you?

Invisible Porn...

OK, this is not actually happening to me but still great fun anyway...

Besides studying at uni, I work in a secondary school to pay for my studies. Said work involves paper work, dealing with little fuckers and doing a night in the dormitory, watching over students.

Said students are BTS ones (diploma certifying them as highly skilled technicians), and that in many disciplines.

Some of them are specialised in networks, computer programming and OSes.

As a consequence, the dormitory got its own Net connection.

Now, let the fun begin...

Last week, a guy from the dorm, using a special proggy, downloaded 81 GigaBytes in just two days! In order to do that, the proggy, obviously, made him able to use 90% of the bandwidth, thus making all the others computers in the dorm, as well as the teachers'lag HEAVILY!
Since every IP, log and so on is recorded, the guy has been discovered.

As a consequence, the Net access has been suspended until further notice.
Remember my geeky 'puter friends?

They decided to take action. :-)

Although the dorm's Net access is blocked, its IntraNet is not and all computers there are linked altogether, allowing people to share stuff...

So, as a revenge, what did my mates do? They invaded the poor sod's peecee and FLOODED it with porn, 80 GB of it!!!

Now, you may wonder why is this a revenge? After all, everyone loves porn, right? Well, they made the films read-only (sounds cool), non-writable (means not deletable, sounds LESS cool), voided the root's rights , which means even the Admin can't do anything (sounds nasty) and, since they're bloody clever, as HIDDEN files!!!
Now, you have to know that the guy they did that to is a complete twat when it comes to computing, can't even use WhineDope properly (OK, who can?). Oh, they put some big games too to fill the beast quickly...

Now, the guy keeps on deleting some of his OWN stuff, not realising what happened! Actually, the only way out is formating the whole thing!

Muhahahahahaha! That'll teach ya!

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PS: all my CDs are alphabetically sorted, first by artist, then by date of release. Moreover, they are ALL put back in their cases with labels perfectly straight. I HATE when people put CDs with labels turned upside down...

Moreover, in this time of Rap/Techno MP3s played on telephones and flashy computers I buy CDs exclusively, I love Jazz, hate Rap/Techno and all sub-mongoloid shite, still take pictures the ONLY way, by film and am a fond lover of the best computer EVER -the Amiga.

No, I don't have a girlfriend...
(Tue 11th Mar 2008, 13:10, More)

» PE Lessons

Stupid as Fuck Teacher.

THIS is a subject for me!

In my second year of lycée (more or less equivalent to A-Levels in France), we had the archetypical bitch of a teacher. The kind of guy who would give orders whilst smoking a fag...

One day, we had to go to some outside tennis courts in order to play, erm, tennis.

Thas was fine because, even if I am not sporty at all, I could manage hitting tennis balls without being too ridiculous.

So we arrived at the courts. There, two problems arose.

First of all, it was raining cats and dogs, with is no good for tennis, is it?
Second, the courts were in a very bad state. Being made of concrete, painted tennis green and not being protected by a roof above, caused the ground to be cracked and full of potholes like a Kabul road after a US Air Force strike. It was so bad that some parts were even curled like some old wall paint!

So, after having given us rackets and balls and set up nets, he told us to start playing! The painted concrete, thanks to the water, became highly slippery and the portholes were THE thing to twist one's ankles. But the funniest part were the balls. Soaked as they were, they made a spongy, funny sound every time they got hit and, thanks to the water they contained, they did not travel very long, no matter the force they were hit with...

All the while, our "lovely" teacher was warming himself, wearing his parka, in one of the small bungalows around the courts that we used to change clothes in...
Stupid bugger!

But the best part came a couple weeks after this particular episode...

He had an examination, OFSTED-style during another tennis session.

Whilst the inspector was here, our teacher turned into an other man -nice, gentle, caring!!!

I remember he helped us doing the correct moves is order not to hurt ourselves, even accompanying your arm during the gesture and all this with a smile and some nice words!!!

In hind sight, we should have made some allusions to the inspector; we were probably too nice to.

I have recently heard that he is still teaching at that particular school...

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(Sat 21st Nov 2009, 8:22, More)

» Terrible Parenting

Being Relatively New Here...
I don't know everyone yet.
So, how great is Rachelswipe?

I must say I read some of her stories with great interest!

Sometimes weird things happen so much, it's unbelievable!
(Tue 21st Aug 2007, 19:04, More)

» DIY disasters

DIY Mains...

When I was around five or seven (if memory serves...), I was at my grandparents' and wanted to help them by installing an AC plug in the kitchen.

So, I got my grandfather's set of small screwdrivers (still remember them! :-D ) and properly DRILLED a nice pair of holes in the kitchen's wall! Both holes were of the same diameter (more or less; every work needs a certain tolerance...).
They were just that.

C'mon! HOW could I have done all the electrical wiring? I was a kid...
Mind you, I was keen on details. The kitchen's wall being orange (hey! This was a flat built during the 60s!), I put some red pen all around the holes where the plaster had fell off...

Nice and a great memory.

This post is dedicated to both my grands who are dead now.

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(Wed 9th Apr 2008, 10:56, More)
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