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» Annoying words and phrases

abbreviations of people's full names
e.g. SuBo, Jedward, R-Patz

if you don't have time to pronounce someone's full name, i have no time for you. now suck my b-ollokz.
(Sun 11th Apr 2010, 17:22, More)

» Nativity Plays

In Primary School
I was the lame man that Jesus made all better. Problem was, at crunch time I forgot the blanket to cover my legs. So I legged it off to grab it, of course forgetting that I was crippled. Here's to christmas miracles.
(Fri 27th Mar 2009, 21:09, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

Wow, where do i start...
the touch and fresh ad (both "it's all gone" and "i'm going to paul's house" ads), the envirofone ad ("wonga!"), sheila's wheels, oven pride, any think advert for terrifying me as a bairn, any dodgy financing company ad, any fucking halifax advert, adverts that are clearly foreign but dubbed (e.g. mr muscle), boots (ooh, here come the girlies!), safestyle uk (for northerners), the daily mail adverts (nicely forgetting the bigotry and poison inside), any advert that promotes their business as full of normal, happy people (not miserable bastards dead inside), etc. etc. etfeckin'c.
(Thu 15th Apr 2010, 17:12, More)

» My sex misconceptions

EDIT: Poo Baby and BJs
Being young and odd, I didn't realise that babies come out of...well,you know. The thought of how that could stretch open for my head confused me no doubt. So I naturally assumed that people come out of the bum hole. I now realise it's the other way round.

EDIT: Oh, and also as a child, I thought that blow jobs involved blowing gently on the penii for a while. Why don't they call it a suck job then?

So yeah, I was messed up mentally early.
(Thu 25th Sep 2008, 17:07, More)

» "You're doing it wrong"

Credit Cards
Before last Christmas I had to do some shopping for the family and had a Student Loan to play with. The Account I created for it came with a Credit Card, which I thought was linked to the Account and the only way to get into my overdraft. Cue a big bill for the New Year with added interest. And what I'm doing at University? Business Studies. :(
(Wed 21st Jul 2010, 10:13, More)
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