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» Ginger

I'm red haired...
It's always bash a ginger day where I work... every single fucking day...

ha ha ha ha fucking hardy hah ha.... it's not funny you boring arseholes....

responses to witty comments include...
'do you have a bit of ginger in you??... would you like some...'
'You'll all be wearing it next year..'
and the timeless classic...'fuck off you sad twat before I chin you'

stereotypical short tempered gingernut? perhaps but at least I'm not deeply predjudiced hidden behind a thin veil of humour.... try replacing the word ginger for any ethnic culture and see the uproar......fucking non ginger tossers...the lot of you

But I have done my bit for the ginger army by knocking out 5 gingerish sprogs.

Ginger abuse is possibly the last form of socially acceptable discrimination..It's not big and it's not clever.. grow up and stop it...
(Thu 25th Feb 2010, 17:03, More)

» Festivals

accidental scores and other nonsense
where do i begin? we did lots and lots of festivals and parties in the late 80's to mid 90's... when it was still good... anyhoo... 1991, 50th anniversary of the discovery of LSD me and pal went to london town for the hyde park gathering to celebrate said discovery with a bag of ready rolled and no idea about what we were doing.. we wandered about the city wide eyed.. eventually at 3am the SPG grabbed us at marble arch and pointed guns at us!! it was surreal, it was over before we had a chance to even think about what had happened and all they wanted was to know if we were football fans?? thank feck they never bothered to search our bag which was full o stuff to warp the head....
1993 hitched to london on space cake and landed a lift from some half pissed plasterers from essex.. despite extreme fear in the back of their van it was a good lift all the way into london!! that was for the anti criminal justice bill do at hampstead heath... it was fun.. we were twatted on a number of substances but mostly hash fudge, special brew and acid, which incidentally was strawberrys.. the real ones at that, after i scored it i took it back to my gfriend and looked at it.. two of em but bugger, they were blank on both sides!! till i opened em up and we had not 2 but 4 result i think i danced to an alex patterson set, and people were asking me to sell them drugs!! that afternoon there was some altercation in a local pub and the police arrived en masse, i watched a proper riot!! for real with paving slabs thrown and people getting twatted etc.on acid..tripping my tits off and what was really weird was it never got a mention in the local or national news! censorship or what..

glasto90/91/92/93/94/95 acid acid acid... buying off the travellers who're all wasted on the stuff, animal as was his moniker was dipping football pools sheets with his bare fingers in liquid lsd!!
then there was geremy punting acid but so fucked that he couldn't even speak, sat on one of those foldy camping chairs with no bottom in so his knees were up by his chin with his arse on the floor stuck in the chair what a picture...

and there's us walking round shouting 'cash for hash' in an effort to score a weed

and that time i was giving one to my then sexy g'friend with the tent open with people watching, i was too smashed to care and i think she enjoyed exhibitionism.... fucking on mdma!! very intense.. and waking up in the morning washing down a trip with warm spesh'for breakfast

i really love the freaks though at festivals those stalwarts who have spent good time planning what they would dress up as, i have seen the jackson 5, one dude with a wig on and either side of him supported on timber is cut outs of the rest of the band.. genious, and Sandy Beaches, she was lovely i think she was meant to be a holiday rep or something.. you had to be there.... and the years we made good money selling wrist bands in pilton to ticketless and scared looking kids...

but mostly i remember being smashed a lot but in a nice happy hippy kinda way, while nasty stuff just seemed to miss us completely, i did make a point of smiling at everyone i saw who made eye contact with me, so if some saucer eyed new age mullet sporting tattooed pikey looking yorkshireman ever put the weirds up you it was an accident, i was trying to be pleasent..

we survived from trading jewellry and stuff we had made over winter swapping it for food and whatever whenever we could, it's great putting yourself in the hands of chance and relying soley on your wits(when they were about us)

i had some fantastically magical moments in a number of places, i also had some strangely alienating moments where communication with others was all but impossible cos the subtle nuances coursing accross their faces did not match up with the things they were saying,, paranoia or not perception is reality and a warped reality is still reality...

from what i've seen and heard most festivals these days are faceless sanitised corporate events with one singular objective, to seperate the young uns from thier dosh... it's a pity but a logical conclusion....

length... yup too long but loads of memories are flooding back and i am smiling so sod it
(Sun 7th Jun 2009, 20:29, More)

» Festivals

glasto 96 revisited
also i didn't really enjoy sharing a tent with my pal... it was two in tents!!!!


if its bindun SORRY, if not WAHEEY!!
(Sat 6th Jun 2009, 17:21, More)

» Pubs

yet more
I was sat in a bar in bristol when I noticed a dog licking his balls,

"I wish I could do that " I said to no one in particular.

to which the lanlord replied

"if you give him a pork scratching he might let you"
(Sun 8th Feb 2009, 17:22, More)

» Pubs

and another
a polar bear walks into a bar and says, "two pints of..................................................lager please"

to which the barman replies "certainly sir, but why the big paws"
(Sun 8th Feb 2009, 17:11, More)
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