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» Bullies

First QOTW post ever...
I'd like to know what it is about people who dress in black and have long hair that screams "TARGET" at members of the lower echelons of society.

That said, despite the fact that I fall into that category, listen to heavy metal, happen to be a little bit mental, and even went about a year calling myself a goth, I seem to have got off light in terms of bullying. Essentially, the worst I got was heckles, and the occasional stone barrage (read: chav kids throwing stones with roughly a 4-5% hit rate). The heckles would typically come under 3 categories:

Appearance: Self explanatory. "Cut yer 'air!" and "Are you a girl or a boy?" were favourites. Imaginative stuff.

Lifestyle: Essentially digs at the music I listen to and my brief goth period. "ROCK ON DUDE! \m/" was generally met with scorn, as were cries of "MOSHER!", "GOTH!" and, more recently, "EMO!". How offensive is "Mosher" supposed to be to someone who listens to rock music anyway?

My favourite example of this sort of thing happened about 3 years after I stopped calling myself a goth.
Chav kid: Do you cut yerself? (Most kids at my secondary laboured under the misapprehension that self-harm was a majorly gothic thing to do)
Me: No, why on earth would I do that?
Chav kid: Yeah you do!

Name: My name is Conor Macdonald. I like my name. Not many people can claim to being named after the main character from Highlander. However, a surname like Macdonald leaves you open to a battery of mockery. Renditions of Old McDonald and requests for cheeseburgers plagued my primary school years, so, needless to say, by year 10 these had got old. Occasionally, I got modifications of Karma Chameleon by Culture Club, with my name instead of Karma.

Essentially, I have been subject to possibly the most ineffectual bullying of all time. Go me.

Length? Not bad for a first time...
(Wed 13th May 2009, 17:51, More)