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hmm, I think I have a site at deviantart.
Yes, yes I do.
Its right here.

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I told him several times...

Not to over-feed the cat.
(Sun 1st Sep 2002, 6:48, More)

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» Evidence that you're getting old

Only Twenty
Went dining at an italian buffet with a group of friends, including my 21 year old friend (hereforward reffered to as "The Q"), 17 year old girlfriend, and a couple of her similarly-aged freinds.
So after a lengthy luncheon, and upon conversation, The Q and I nonchalantly munch down antacids thinking nothing of it, but much to the amusement of the rest of those present, who were giggling like loons about how the act made us look like "old people." ('sif the abnormally rapid receeding hairline wasn't enough a damper on my ego.)
Damn freespirited highschoolers with iron stomachs.
(Sun 31st Oct 2004, 1:11, More)