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here is my contributions.. hugs and kisses. you lovely fuckers.

Hippies walking in the woods..

hahaha - got a badge too of Mr psychadelic Warlord - I made him confess with the sex crimes..

fatwa indeed..

yeah - i made a 'fail' thing too....:)

Pirate videos....

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» Pathological Liars

I met Bruce Lee's son on the Dublin Swift sailing back to Holyhead..
I'm always on my own when I travel to Ireland, so no worries with having conversations with others when I'm up on the top deck having a ciggie.

Trouble is, this guy was mentally unwell. Not only did he believe he was Bruce Lee's son (despite the dodgy manchester accent), but when I came back up onto the top deck for another ciggie 40mins later, he showed me a psp he had just stolen, and asked if there was anything I would like him to steal for me.

He latched onto me and also babbled something about his time in the SAS.

Every minute I was up there I was actually working out scenarios as to what to do if the fucking looney tried to push me overboard.

How the fuck are people like that allowed out on the streets, let alone boats!!
(Sat 1st Dec 2007, 14:10, More)