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» My sex misconceptions

At the time it was really scary...
When I was about 5, I got curious and asked my mother what sex was....
Her reply:"When a man hugs a woman, then the woman gets pregnant and has a baby. But that's against the law if you're under sixteen."
Naturaly, I had recieved a few hugs in my time, so cue me spending the next two months terrified that I was going to have a baby and be arrested....
(Sat 27th Sep 2008, 9:15, More)

» Siblings

I don't know why I listen to my brother
but I do.

As a result of my trust I have permanently damaged my right foot from jumping from a shed roof, I couldn't walk for three days.

I also burned all the hair from my right forearm and most of it from my left after setting a match to a pile of gunpowder stolen from shotgun blanks.

I don't listen to him very much anymore
(Thu 25th Dec 2008, 22:08, More)

» PE Lessons

I'm still in school
An all-girls school. And there is one particular female PE teacher that is no longer aloud be present in the changing rooms while people are changing because so many girls complained that she was staring at them.
(Sat 21st Nov 2009, 0:34, More)

» Procrastination

Leaving me alone is not a good idea
A while ago, my whole family went to Cavan for the long weekend and I somehow got out of it.

In the next four days and did not shower, get dressed, leave the house or speak and ate only two actual meals that had been left for me. I spent the whole time playing computor games, messing about on the internet and watching the news.

It's best not to leave me alone.....
(Sun 16th Nov 2008, 14:02, More)

» Eccentrics

My brother's local...
The pub that my brother frequents is an odd place indeed. It is decorated with pictures of Alistair Crowley, a prosthetic head of Henry IIX, and has an enormous mounted moose head on the wall.... I would rather like to meet the owner, I am sure he would be an interesting man .
(Sun 2nd Nov 2008, 18:25, More)
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