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» I'm going to Hell...

this happened today
Ok here goes. Theres this teacher in my college, shes really fine .
For a joke my mate changed my bluetooth name to her name , saying miss arnott (name changed) is really fit.

I was playing some rnb tune on my phone , and she wanted me to send it to her, I told her what I thought my bluetooth name was. Then when she said she couldnt find it, we both clocked what it had been changed to.

There was this shocked look on her face, she stopped drinking her mineral water, and carried on like nothing happened. But she held me back after class.

After class, she made me wait for her to finish her salmon sandwich before she would talk to me. Then she said it was very innapropiate, and if it happened again, she would inform the deputy head.

Then I realised.

She was drinking mineral water.
She had been eating a salmon sandwich.

Miss arnott, was in fact, a bear.

She roared and lunged for me with her right paw, snarling at me as she jumped over the table.

The front of my jacket was torn to shreds as i scrambled backwards for the door. I only survived because, as she was standing over me, spittle covering her face, my mate ran in , distracted her with honey, then plunged his biro into her heart.

So yeah, we killed an endangered animal.
(Wed 17th Dec 2008, 23:19, More)

» Kids

overheard in school today...
A: Shut up or I'll spitroast you!
*entire class collapses in laughter*
A: why are you laughing?

*someone explains to him what spitroasting is*

A: So how does she rotate then?

(Wed 23rd Apr 2008, 17:03, More)

» Common

(Fri 17th Oct 2008, 20:50, More)

» Voyeurism

walked in on a girl pleasuring herself at a party. She asked me to take part. i declined. she looked like a fat asian man with long hair.

more later

EDIT: first post! i love myself
(Thu 11th Oct 2007, 18:23, More)

» Pet Peeves

talk board
cliquey twats.
(Wed 7th May 2008, 14:21, More)
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