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I keep my life at dylanbeattie.net if you want to drop by and say hello.

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His favourites are 'Kayleigh' and 'Black Magic Woman'

But he's only practising.

edit: you spend all year trying to get a FP, and then you get two in a row... hurrah!
(Wed 9th Jul 2003, 22:55, More)

Most Memes in a Telephone Booth
The world record for the greatest number of memes in a standard London telephone box is held by Mr. Sheriff Fatman of b3ta, England, who on 4 July 2003 succeeded in potatofainting nine separate memes into a single telephone booth with the assistance of Google and the b3ta Photoshop construction kit.

Memebox! Yeah!

edit: Wow! My first FP! I'm dead chuffed. Thankyou all so very, very much
(Fri 4th Jul 2003, 23:40, More)

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