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Here's my blog:

doph's world There's some poetry on there, if you're into that sort of thing.

I done put some stuff on youtube too:

doph33's channel

My twitter at is @dophuph

I released a book of poems here:
There are some love ones (I'm a chemist so I express it in terms of dipoles), one about the Olympics and over 40 others.


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afraid it might be flowchart tiem again

also this
(Thu 11th Jun 2009, 21:55, More)

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» Stupid Dares

I was dared by a mate to open my mouth really wide
then he shoved a plastic cup in it. The cunt.

*learns lesson*
(Wed 7th Nov 2007, 23:56, More)

» Insults

my fav
at the moment is from the amazing Popworld, watched on sunday mornings on channel 4:

'I can see your lips moving but all I can hear is nggggggggg (not easy to replicate the sound, kind of like a monged ship coming into port)'

(Wed 10th Oct 2007, 8:07, More)