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Railway station fun
Hi all. I booked the trip at the top of the image for this weekend, then noticed the word spelled out. I then began to wonder if there's any more fun to be had? There is. Lots. I think I've only scratched the surface.

(Mon 6th Nov 2023, 16:13, More)

Saw this on a walk with my son this morning

(Sat 1st Aug 2020, 14:08, More)

Pea for compo

(Fri 28th Sep 2018, 8:06, More)


(Fri 3rd Apr 2015, 12:15, More)

Good morning

(Sat 20th Dec 2014, 9:59, More)


(Sun 19th Oct 2014, 12:41, More)

This actually happens

(Tue 5th Aug 2014, 18:21, More)

I'm sorry

(Sat 19th Jul 2014, 16:12, More)

And I don't.

(Mon 26th Nov 2012, 16:22, More)

Gets right on my wick, this kind of stuff.

(Tue 16th Oct 2012, 18:54, More)

Well, that figures.

*edit* Christ on a bike, an FP. First ever. Cheers!
(Thu 11th Oct 2012, 18:26, More)

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» Exposed!

Starkers in reception
I used to go to these Smiths-themed nights at the Star & Garter in Manchester - a chance for a few tunes and a few beers. I used to stay in one of those budget hotels on Porland Street. One evening, I rolled in at about 2am, knackered and a wee bit worse for wear. I got in the room, stripped off, and went to bed. I don't know how long I'd been asleep when i heard a huge scream in the corridor. I jumped up, stuck my head round the door - I could see nothing - I craned a little further out to see if I could see some poor girl getting attacked, and then *click* - the door shut behind me, leaving me starkers in the corridor, no means of getting back in. I just had to brazen it out. I walked down to reception, said to the lady behind the desk "Please may I have another card, I am locked out of my room". With a look that said she'd seen and heard this scenario a thousand times before, she gave me another keycard. It was at that point a massively pissed up party of Welsh Rugby players returned from a refreshing night out, and laughed at my nakedness. I slunk out sheepishly in the daylight.
(Fri 9th Aug 2013, 19:12, More)

» Crazy People off the Internet

I moderate a music website.
Some people don't like the fact that I do. I've had threats against my wife, her private work details splattered all over sites, I've been signed up for gay dating sites without my knowledge, and subsequently propositioned, I have been accused of raping my own daughter. Lots of folk have done it. One chap stopped the moment the police knocked on his door. That tells you all you need to know about the nature of these people. And Morrissey fans.
(Thu 22nd Nov 2012, 19:50, More)