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John had not yet suspected her infidelity...
...but she was finding it increasingly difficult to hide

click on piccy for a bigger one, it looks better close up
(Fri 6th Sep 2002, 9:49, More)

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» Local Nutters

Jesus. Where To start.
I grew up in the Mill Road area of Cambridge, which will, no doubt, be the most of the nutters posted here.
As a brief summary of the ones I remember:
Barmy Art - Wears things on his head
Bonnie (RIP) - Used to scream like a banshee at children, causing my friend to wet himself once...always had a shopping trolley.
Tree Man - Often to be found on my street standing in people's gardens shouting at their trees to stop trespassing
The Cowboy - Used to cycle around dressed in cowboy outfit. Could occasionally be heard to shout yeeehhaaa!
Scary Deaf Bloke - A deaf & dumb chap that in his attempts to blag your hard-earned, merely terrifies you with his deparate mumbling and lurching gait...
more to come as I remember them
(Thu 16th Sep 2004, 17:26, More)