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» I don't understand the attraction

The Simpsons
Am I the only person around who thinks this show is WAY past its sell-by date? It has long been my belief that the only reason this show hasn't been cancelled is because the feckin merchandise still sells, mind you, if it were it'd go the way of family guy I suppose, the outcry from the rabid (and in my eyes, insane) fans would uncancel it and the quality of episodes would decline even further. I mean, it's into, what, its 21st series now? The last few episodes I watched (I have since boycotted the show) from a good few years back (around series 15/16) were just riding on past glories and destroying them.

Can anyone give me a good reason to watch this show, really?

Other things I don't understand the appeal of are crowded, noisy bars and nightclubs (you can't even hear the voices in your head), x-factor and all other reality tv shows, they're utter shit and those who present them should be culled for the good of the planet.

Might post some more when I can use more than just swear words to describe them.

Length? Of the simpsons, far too f**king long.....
(Sun 18th Oct 2009, 22:13, More)

» School Days

It's raining.....
Not me, but something witnessed by my older brother during his time as a scout. He and the rest of the troop were on a scout camp (not really a camp, they stayed in the local scout meeting place wherever they happened to have gone to, with sleeping bags of course). Dawn was breaking, and some people were already awake, and it happened to be raining that morning, and oddly, someone there said 'it's raining' and a guy called lawrence (for that is his name' replied, in his sleep 'I'm gay!'

He never lived that one down :)
(Fri 30th Jan 2009, 23:49, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

I'm not Jesus Christ......
.... I've come to accept that now
(Mon 30th Jun 2008, 8:03, More)

» Mobile phone disasters

Exam Difficulties....
Not me, but a friend of mine from Uni. This happened last year during uni exam season, now the rule at my uni is that mobile phones can be brought into the exam hall, but they have to be turned off and placed under your desk. Now my friend had unfortunately only observed one of these rules (guess which one, given the QOTW theme), needless to say he almost shat himself when his mobile went off during an exam he was in (for those unfamiliar with such rules getting caught doing so can lead to you being booted out of the exam and possibly from your course which means bye-bye degree). So he told me what he did was to fake a massive leg pain, while franticly opening the back cover of his phone and removing the battery from it.

God knows how he succeeded and how he didn't get busted for it, but he did.
(Mon 3rd Aug 2009, 23:44, More)

» God

My sig.....
'nuff said
(Tue 24th Mar 2009, 3:23, More)
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