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edit: thanks all
(Wed 13th Oct 2004, 11:04, More)

a tad too much weedkill methinks

(Thu 23rd Jan 2003, 12:29, More)

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» Airport Stories

Guns, planes & Dubai don't mix
So happily just boarded the plane on the tarmac in Dubai airport (was a flight change from Hong Kong to London). I swapped tickets with my younger brother as I really fancied a window and as my arse touched down on my / his seat, a couple of armed guards walked down the aisle, looking at my seat number and staring right at me.. and asked me to accompany them to the tarmac.

Thankfully this was all pre 9-11 so it was bit more hushed stary whispers rather than catching the tube at Stockwell.

They'd opened up a suitcase I didn't recognise, pulled out a large handgun and asked me why it was in my baggage.. as the 4 of them surrounding me fingered their holsters!

Suddenly realised it was my brothers BB gun from Hong Kong.. but try to imagine explaining the concept of a BB Gun while trying not to point it or hold it threateningly as 4 arabic guards stare blankly & suspiciously at you.

Needless to say - they finally understood, or gave up when they didn't see any live ammo & I sheepishly got back on board so we could all take off..



Another cpl that spring to mind.. When I was 12, smuggling my beloved albino mouse in my underwear for a 4hr flight after my parents told me they wouldnt allow pets. I still like to believe they were grudgingly proud when i whipped him out in the taxi after we landed!

And the classic of popping hotel cutlery in a friends hand baggage before we went through security - cue pissing myself laughing and being rewarded with several dead-arms
(Sat 4th Mar 2006, 18:32, More)

» My Worst Date

left a party with her, it was late and she hinted at going back to hers. I, at least trying to make it feel a bit less obvious, suggested finding one last bar beforehand. Found a place eventually (think 2.30am weds. regent st.).. so many drunken city twats etc. I was pretty knackered and cut short any dancing attempts pretty to get some water.
When i returned... "hey, i think im going to be a tart and pull those guys over there, are you going to hang around too?" .

so pride intact, decided on a quick exit..

funny old game
(Thu 28th Oct 2004, 12:09, More)

» Lost...

last 3 years
worrying recession of hairline..
(Wed 8th Dec 2004, 13:26, More)