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» Blood

Teenage one upmanship
When I was a wee little lad of 12-13 (memory is a bit foggy here as it usual is with me) I wasn't the most popular kid in school, in fact far from it. Glassess, check. crappy haircut, check. (which looked as if you gave a junkie a flowerpot, scissors and his next fix if he cuts your hair.) Being the smart lad that I am I tended to make myself an easy target by showing them who was smarter, which wasn't a smart thing to do, seeing as how I was attending a grammar school and when you toss a bunch of arrogant smart folk together the smarter ones tend to become targets.

So let's wind the clock a bit forward, to what I am about to share with you.

Our school had two buildings, not quite near each other, and thus requiring you to use your bike to get from point A, to point B. Having arrived halfway through the lunchbreak I was suddenly stopped by three young lads who apparantly didn't like me that much.

There I was, outside, on my bike, surrounded by three lads, intimidating me and throwing all kinds of insults at me.

It didn't bother me, and this is what bothered them, as they wanted to see a reaction, something that would show them just how "great" they were.

If only I had.

THe next thing that happened was feeling a sudden sharp pain to the head.

One of them had picked up a brick-like piece of wood and had thrown it at me, hitting me right on the head.

So of course my initial reaction was to swear and cover the spot with my hand.

I started to shout all kinds of profanities at them until I came to realize that something was amiss.

They were all staring at me as if I had suddenly spouted a second head.

That's when I noticed that my face was quite wet, and when I removed my hand I unleashed a torrent of blood. The piece of wood had managed to injure me in an interesting way, or so I thought, as I realized I now had a hole in my head.

Doing what I thought was natural I got off my bike, laughing like a maniac as I told one of the kids to take care of my bag as I dropped it.

And then the journey began. To go to the headmistress and explain that I might need some medical attention, lucky for me I would have to traverse the route to the front doors, which conveniently had me walk along the mess hall windows, and through the school.

Apparantly, 5+ girls fainted when they saw me walk by, looking like the victim of a brutal beating.

The Headmistress nearly fainted when she saw me and immediately rushed me off to the doc to get my head fixed.

All it took was some glue and a notice to watch the head while taking a shower, and that was it.

The lads were punished and they guy who threw it supposedly claimed that he was aiming at my bicycle.

Which I'm glad he didn't hit, because I just thought that that fateful day had been an awesome day.

*Be gentle, still trying to write interesting stuff*
(Sat 9th Aug 2008, 4:57, More)

» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

A Flatliner
Oh, woe me, the pain of being horribly mistaken in a person's ulterior motives, for I can only guess what was going on in her mind.

Let's flashback to a long time ago. (actually, a few weeks, but I'm getting off topic here)

My fiancee lives in England, I live in the Netherlands, now I have heard all the arguments against a long distance relationship but I believed in it, I really did, or do. Nevertheless, let's get on with the story.

So she told me she was going to the hospital because she had a hole in her heart, you know the kind where blood can flow between the Atrium and the Ventricle, obviously in the wrong direction.

She told me she would be okay, but only after I asked her to promise that to me. And she did.

Two agonizing weeks passed, I was unaware of what had happened, whether she was alive or dead, her phone didn't ring, my mails were left unanswered, until one day, when her phone rang again. I was relieved, it was a sign that she had survived. So I tried ringing her until somebody would pick up.

Somebody picked up, this somebody being her ex, who told me that my fiancee didn't want to talk to me.

After the rumour mill got wind of this, pieces of the puzzle started pouring in, and only now am I becoming aware that she was engaged to her ex while also being engaged to me, and I have come to believe that this hospital visit was nothing more than a way to get rid of me.

So yeah, faking a possibly fatal heart condition to get out of a situation... Ouch.

Oh, and this is my first post, please be gentle.
(Wed 11th Jun 2008, 19:06, More)