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» Bad Dates

I used to work as a bouncer in a Glaswegian nightclub
and there was a super hot barmaid called Niki whom I always fancied. So one day I had the courage to ask her out. Now, I only talked to her in passing so when I did manage to talk to her at length on our way to see the Coen brothers film, Fargo, did I realise she was dumb as a box of hair and realised my romantic first date film choice was wrong on just about every level imaginable. After the film, we went to a bar and this is where I ran into my other bouncer colleagues who proceeded to throw paper, crisps and small empty plastic water bottles at the table we were sat at. This got too much for Niki who got up and screamed "you're a fucking weirdo who likes weird films and you've told all our mates about me!" She was very paranoid I was later told.
(Sat 19th Oct 2013, 22:22, More)