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» Evil Pranks

school pranks are the best...
...especially when the prankee is some innocent (if a tad boring and slow) history teacher. This teacher was completely obsessed by having every piece of furniture in his room aligned properly. If a chair was left out of line at the end of class, we'd be kept behind the next lesson, to makes sure everything "was as it should be".

So, the prank. The doors in our school all had locks, but they were sufficiently old that they were pickable by teenagers with paperclips. One morning, a group of us came into school about half an hour early, opened his door, and locked it behind us. No-one knew we were there. Once inside, we each took out the screwdrivers each of us had brought in. You may be able to see where this is going...

Later that day, we have our history lesson. We line up outside, as per usual, and the history teacher unlocks the door and walks in. As the class starts to follow him in, he makes the fateful mistake of brushing lightly against one of the desks.

It swayed slightly, stopped, righted itself, then with an almighty crash, its legs fell from under it. This started a kind of domino chain reaction effect, and our teacher could do nothing to stop it as his world fell apart around him.

Nothing was left standing. We had unscrewed everything to the point of collapse. Every single chair and desk, the frames pictures and wall hangings, his desk and the desk lamp upon it, even the blackboard had fallen off the wall.

The next day, we were told that history lessons were cancelled for the week while they found a new teacher to teach us. Apparently, he'd handed in his resignation before the hour was out.

Appologies for length, but some of those screws were really long!

oh,and *pop* an' all that...
(Fri 14th Dec 2007, 10:22, More)