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Hey, I'm a mad student with a sick mind and a high percentage of nerdiness. Also female and will giggle about meatspin whenever i hear the song in a supermarket,car radio and just about anywhere....

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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

Water keeps trying to kill me!!!
When I was 10, my older brother decided it would be funny to push me as far as he could out to sea on a rubber inflatable dingie. This led me into the bay and towards currents that would sweep me to Norway. After passing a bhoy, I started to get the fear, all signals bypassed red alert and straight to brown. If someone did'nt do something soon I would be caught in the current and be rather screwed. There wasent enough time to get a coast gaurd, so my dad strips down to his underwear and gets in. The water was 21ft deep where I was and freezing cold, I was about a football pitch length out to sea. By the time he reached me he was almost completely numb and barely had the energy to make it back with me. He swims for some time dragging the dingie until the rescue boat comes and takes us back to the beach. If it hadent I think we'd be pretty screwed.I still think it's really sweet my dad would be willing to brave very cold deep water to save me : p
(Sun 5th Oct 2008, 18:45, More)

» Siblings

my big bro: This is but one text he sends me while wasted:
'Marsupial neon bush octopus custard refinerys inc use casio electron udder custardbilge (r) pressure silos to store flatulent octocustard (r) safely and is refined into bombergopter (r) and spacehopper(r) glopcells (r) for export to belgiums cavernous subterrainean sproutmining facilities to fuel the buttercurd propaganda waffleator (r) ovens which stop Belgians driving themselves into the sea! Support the marsuprial neon bush octopuss custard refineries inc and save children from eating sprouts thank you!
Yours loathingly Dr Snorke company ceo'
whats more worrying is he can explain this in a way that makes sense when sober. love my brothers! a bombergopter is supposedly a minimoto with spacehoppers for wheels. I don't understand the Belgian bit, why would they drive themselves into the sea....maybe it's eating sprouts...Sorry!! if Belgians are offended I am just writing what was texted!! One last note, stop and think what a marsuprial octopus would look like o.0
(Wed 7th Jan 2009, 0:18, More)

» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

Big boned my arse!
I have a rather obese cat, we took him to the vet. The vet just said he was a big cat and not fat, ah so he was big boned ¬¬.HE WEIGHTS OVER A STONE! This cat, who is so large he has breasticles, you heard me,breasticles, big floppy bits on his stomach, not quite nuts, not quite tits. Anyway this creates a great surface area for playing bucakroo when he is sleeping. So far I've managed to pile on sweet wrappers, buttons, hairclips, cat-toys, scrabble peices, smarty tubes..sobreros..... before he'll move his fat lardy arse. I love him really....
(Fri 14th Mar 2008, 20:03, More)

» That's me on TV!

Dodge ze camera!!
Landward decided to come to a dig I was on at the time, and a mate of mine was trying his best to get on camera. complete camera-whoring! walking openly across the screen, finds seiving, the typical repetative or natural things that get filmed. I avoided the camera as much I could, no way in hell was I giving my parents something to show people everytime they come round n bore them shitless!!!
A few months later, and I have stolen nearly all the screen time, my mate did'nt even get a look in. This has been the subject of much boastful annoyance ever since. I think cameramen are like cats, they go to you if they know you are allergic.
(Tue 16th Jun 2009, 0:20, More)

» How nerdy are you?

The shame, shame of it all!!
Ok. I’m new here and this is probs gonna make a lot of people go ‘jesus Christ, I cast thee out deamon!’. I go to a society where a pastime is hitting each other with books shouting TORG! I play D&D, Warhammer, Cthulu and other systems like BESM and Swansong. I have played card game parodies of D&D like Munchkin. I also know what Fatal is (for the love of God do not look up this system, I’ve only heard of it and don’t wanna know anymore/ get chucked off of b3ta). I have a daily webcomic binge, read lots of Terry Pratchet, Neil Gaiman and other fantasy/odd writers. I can quote willow and princess bride into the netherworld! I was also a legacy of Kain fangirl. I am starting to play WoW and the concept of playing Bioshock/hellgate/halflife is making me drool LOTS. Now to top it all off, I am studying Egyptian scripts and archaeology. I am not going to get a job unless the events of stargate ACTUALLY HAPPEN. I am of the firm belief Bruce Campbell could kick Chuck Norris’ arse. I have also been on a cthulu based pub crawl where people loose sanity points by drinking. I was nice enough to help people loose extra sanity points by shouting ‘Margaret Thatcher cthulu hentai!’. Now the icing on the nerdy dear god what is wrong with this person cake is, I am trying larping for the first time in summer for a laugh…larping…as a pirate… whats shames me is, I have held back on some of the other nerdier stuff….
(Fri 7th Mar 2008, 22:40, More)
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