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» Insults

being female
i like to yell "suck my dick you fuck" to anyone who pisses me off.

Length? it's in your mouth, you tell me.
(Sat 6th Oct 2007, 0:51, More)

» Guilty Secrets

I'm in rehab for the next 14 weeks whilst they iron out my heroin, crack and benzo habit, work think I'm on my hols driving around Europe, and they're paying me for it......
(Sun 2nd Sep 2007, 9:43, More)

» I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

flying bibles
i went to a catholic school - raised an athiest i resented being forced to go to mass and observe holy days, even though it did mean time out from lessons. my religious instruction lessons were held in a room on the top floor - when teacher left the room i started flinging bibles out of the windows, after 6 or 7 i stuck my head out to see where they had landed - on the tops/bonnets/windscreens of various staff members cars, i had forgot the staff car-park was below us.
as for getting caught, the first bible to hit, witnessed by deputy head, was mine, complete with my name dutifuly written in the front. god showed me no mercy for this one!
(Sun 22nd Jul 2007, 11:24, More)