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Verging on sick

(Sat 3rd Oct 2009, 15:09, More)

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» Caught!

A few years ago now
So I went for the usual after work drink with my workmates, nothing unusual. Except this time the work bike comes out with us. After a few I take her into the carpark above the pub and decide to give her a bit of a seeing too. Unaware that my mates have followed me up there; so after about 20 minutes they decide they're bored of watching and start running towards me. In a druken state I decide it'Hs wise to run towards them, chasing them with a raging stonk on. They still won't delete the pictures to this day.

Another story (same carpark) happened about a year after this one, same pub, different girl. Went into the carpark and she decides she wants to do it in the lift. So we go to the top floor, close the doors and I start porking her. To both of our suprise, a minute later, doors open and there's a community support officer standing infront of us. Luckily he let us on our way after a swift lecture!
(Sun 6th Jun 2010, 1:42, More)