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I will eventually get around to updating this, but for now here are some facts about me:

  • I am male
  • I live in the South West of England
  • I used to come on b3ta and lurk a lot, a long time ago.
  • I am currently teaching myself HTML

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    » Family Holidays

    Urrr.... hmmm....
    Not a lot of storys for family holidays, because we don't take them. If I go anywhere, it's usually just to my dad's for a week.

    However, on one trip, he decided that we were going to go to a holiday-camp style resort, and stay in a mobile home. I must've been about 16 or so, and this sounded great. Now, I am not the most sociable to people, and usually the only reason to away is to play on fruit machines, and the destination is picked around what arcades there are (Southend, Weston S. Mare etc.). So we turn up, get unpacked, and wander off to see what the place is like. No arcade machine. And I don't mean no gambling ones, I mean nothing. There was a ball-pond, and a slide, both of which was closed.

    So after a day of complete boredom, stuck in a mobile home with no TV, no games, and half a pack of cards, it's finally bedtime. I get a whole double bed to myself (in a room with no other furniture, and no room either side of the bed. They must have built the home around it), and I doze of.

    Only to be woken in the morning in complete agony. My neck had locked in place in the night, and all the muscles had tensed. I woke my dad up with a mixture of screaming and crying, I was in so much pain (and I had no idea what was wrong of course).

    When he finally gets up, and helps me out of bed, we sit in the 'living room' and discuss what is going to happen. I needed a doctor right then and there, but dad was adamant we were going to stay and enjoy ourselves.

    After a lot of pursuation, and not a small amount of crying, we get him to take me to a doctor. Unfortunately the closest doctor is actually his local one (we were out in the wilds), so we pack up and go home.

    I was given diazepam and my neck finally relaxed. 3 days later.

    We have never spoken of what happened to this day, but I know that I was somehow to blame for it because of the looks I was getting all the way home.
    (Fri 3rd Aug 2007, 10:15, More)

    » Insults

    This morning I called a friend a "Salmon-Coloured Whore"
    Due to the fact that she was wearing a pink top.
    (Thu 4th Oct 2007, 17:22, More)