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» Ginger

It's a knock-out...
You know that game where you knock on a stranger's door and run off, laughing like a goon? Well, in Bristol, where I gert live, that game just happens to be called 'Knock Out Ginger'. As you can imagine, on games days at school I used to be chased with kids armed with cricket bats shouting it...

Since then, I've been mercilessly teased by friends and colleques. I can't leave a company without some wag buying me ginger nut biscuits, root ginger, ginger shampoo, ginger beer or sticking a 'GINGA' numberplate on my car...

I guess it's all harmless fun, but I do feel that it's starting to border on acceptable racism. I keep hearing the phrase 'As popular as a ginger stepchild' being used and can't help feel sorry for ginger stepkids who get beaten up or abused.

Try using the phrase 'As popular as a black stepchild' in your next presentation and see where it gets you...
(Wed 3rd Mar 2010, 23:52, More)