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I'm Rob and I'm 15 years old. Many people think this time of your life to be bubbly and full of happiness but those people need to get a life. I've only got one passion and that is football, Rushden and Diamonds in particular. We're one of those crap teams that aren't going anywhere and this contributes heavily to my near daily depression. This depression usually goes away when the new season's about to start because I find some optimism and hope that we might go up. This starts in July and promptly ends in September when I realize that that will never, ever happen.

You might think that this is a goth-type personality but unlike goths I really don't give a toss what I dress like and my look centers around 'scruffy, quiet kid in the background'. If you do by miracle ever see me in the street and attempt to converse with me I warn you that the conversation will be extremely short and to the point on account of the fact that I have a fear and general hatred of people. I imagine I will die alone watching old episodes of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and Family Guy in a dilapidated, old shack aged 35 because I won't ever find a job. Ho hum oh look its sunny outside. Outside! I'm not going outside!

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» Kids

You don't know what its like!
I consider myself a kid being still within kid age (15). Unfortunately I'm not one that has some interesting story about being a kid or involving kids that would be funny in fact I'm quite quiet and generally don't like to make any type of a scene that would draw attention to myself. You don't know this but they're are many of our type out there lurking behind their parent's back and staring at you.

Click 'I like this' and I will tell you where the rest are and if you are in danger of being watched...

Actually who am I kidding I don't have any friends to tell you of so I wouldn't know where any of them would be so scratch that altogether...Ooh a razor blade!
(Mon 21st Apr 2008, 10:28, More)

» Dumb things you've done

Don't let curiousity sway you.
I have just been trawling through lots of Christmas tracks on iTunes to force myself into the Christmas spirit and found that someone had downloaded Busted's version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Now my smart brain kept telling me 'Don't! You know it will be shit' Alas though my idiotic side reigned supreme at that moment and I had a listen. Utter utter utter utter crap and it completely enforced my view that those high pitched boys are wankers.

Length? 3.37mins but I turned off after 30 seconds.
(Fri 21st Dec 2007, 16:38, More)

» Cougars and Sugar Daddies

Hope this hasn't bindun.
Because it gives me a great oppotunity to unearth a Partridge quote.


Back of the net!
(Thu 4th Dec 2008, 15:08, More)

» Blood

I don't have a story about blood
Buuuut being a political type person I did like the Thatcherism debate last week so much so that I think there should be one every week.

The Lib Dems, would they be good as a new, fresh party in office?

(Thu 7th Aug 2008, 17:22, More)

» Advice from Old People

This is the term frequently used by my Granddad and it means anything and everything. You may think this is a funny, quirky, 'ahhhh look at the old person' type thing but when he comes round EVERY BLOODY DAY and uses it in sentences so much that you can't actually understand him it gets on your nerves very quickly.

Unfortunately he is a widower and has been for 6 years, again 'ahhhh poor old person' except because he has no one to talk in his house he frequents my house for at least 2 painful hours a day starting up conversations, that aren't wanted by either me or my Mum, with "Errr whatchagot." Excuse me? He doesn't even bother to think about what he's going to say before he starts. Other annoying pastimes of his are to randomly read road signs while we're driving along and when debating any point of a topic he will always, and I mean always, contradict your argument so that the conversation carries on. As you can imagine both are very, very irritating.

Undoubtedly the best conversation I've heard was this when talking to my Mum:

Him: Errr you know that chef?
Mum: No, who do you mean.
Him: You know that chef, errr Jamie...whatchagot.
Mum: Oliver.
Him: Yeah, yeah. Anyway did you know that his Dad was Jeff Whatchagot?

Rightttttttt... Anyway here is his fantastic advice, again a bit of background is needed. My Granddad has shedloads of cash and is sitting on a £250,000 house but despite being able to buy whatever he could want he sets himself a budget every month and after that doesn't withdraw anymore money for that month. My Mum, and occasionally me, try to get him to spend some of his money so that he can do something with his retired life. Since all he does is sit and watch tv all day with no social friends whatsoever my Mum has tried to get him to buy a computer for a few years, every attempt falls on deaf (probably literally) ears and he shrugs off the attempt. She tried again last week and he said,

"What would I do with a computer? I might as well just buy a calculator"

So there you have it, a computer is a calculator. I don't think I've ever heard such an un-educated statement since the last BNP election broadcast.

Still I'm not complaining, he's bought my season ticket for the upcoming season saving me £80 and that thought gets me through the 2 hours every day. Luckily the summer holidays are coming so I can just sleep in until 1pm and by that time he's left. Happy days.
(Sat 21st Jun 2008, 1:16, More)
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